Air Filtration Options

Air Filtration not only keeps your home clean and your family healthy, it also keeps your furnace and ducts clean. Click here to view our recommendations.

Fresh Air Ventilation

Today’s tightly sealed and insulated homes are great for energy efficiency, but they trap contaminants inside while keeping fresh air outside. Click here to learn about proper home ventilation.


Maintaining the proper humidity in the winter will provide you with better comfort, eliminate shocks and protect your home's finishes and furnishings.


Proper moisture control in your home is essential for good indoor air quality. Humidity levels over 55% can support the growth of mold and mildew. We have the solution for your project. Click to learn more...

Pan Saver

Avoid nuisance air conditioning service calls for a plugged condensate drain. The RGF Pan Saver eliminates biological growth in your air conditioning drain pan keeping your system clean and your family healthy.

Plug In Plus

The RGF Plug-in Plus is ideal for small areas like sports equipment rooms, nurseries, laundry rooms etc. Just plug it in and be odor free in no time.


Kill Covid 19 & other viruses, bacteria, mold spores and more with this device. Also eliminates odors. Provides protection for your entire home.

Guardian Air Desktop

The perfect product for your office cubicle or even a dorm room. Kills the same viruses and bacteria, and eliminates odor just like the whole house model.