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Great Service

Just wanted to thank you for your great service.Rob was great in
scheduling  in such a quick manner. Kevin was great  as always, he is
a great person and very knowledgeable. My wife and I are so happy that
over the past 10 years we have been so lucky to have you service our
geothermal unit.
Mike &Bev Carpentier

"Operation was a Success"

Hi Matt,

Just to let you know, we think the “operation was a success”!  As you predicted, the noise is still there, but it is noticeably less.  I’m even to the point of wondering if there is a quieter thermostat available, because now it’s the click of the thermostat when it goes on and off that I’m noticing more than the rumble from the compressor!  Do you know if such a thing is available?  It’s right outside my bedroom door.  Keeping the door closed helps, but if a different thermostat might help even more, I can’t help but ask.


I haven’t had a chance to evaluate if I can tell a difference with the basement unit.  But regardless, I’m thrilled you came out and did what you did.  I will highly recommend the “procedure” and your company to our builder.  It’s been six years too many of noisy nights!


Thanks again, we really appreciate it.  Have a great weekend,


Could not be happier!

Just paid the electric bill for December 2015, so here are the facts! We could not be happier with our geothermal for the heating, cooling and hot water. Out total geothermal bill from January 2015 through December 2015 was $1454.73. We believe we were quoted around $1750.00 a year. We were spending roughly $4000.00 a year prior for propane, as well as for the wood pellets we were burning. Figured air conditioning in that total price as well. As you remember, our 1869 farm house is still lacking in energy efficient windows in a good portion of the house and adequate insulation. Having you update our duct work and adding cold air returns to the rest of the house that was lacking has helped as well. We keep our thermostat at 70-72 in the winter and 75 in the summer. We would highly recommend the geothermal system. It made sense for us. We are glad we made the investment and the 30% tax credit was certainly a incentive. The Michigan Energy team was very professional and did a great job from start to finish.

Carl & Deb B.

New Owner of Geothermal Home - Angie's List Review


We recently purchased our home which had A Huston system in it. I called around until I found the company that installed the system, Michigan Energy Services. The person that answered the phone immediately knew the house, systems installed, and when it was last services. Kevin came out and spent the time to answer questions, educate us on the systems, checked all systems and thermostats, replaced a faulty zone damper motor, and did some cleaning. Very polite and helpful, was not in any hurry to leave, which made us very happy since we had many questions. Overall a wonderful experience, and we will be using them again for scheduled health checks and any necessary maintenance.

Description of work:

Geothermal system check with 2 Hydron modules and 3 zones.

  • QualityA
  • PunctualityA
  • OverallA
  • PriceA
  • ResponsivenessA
  • ProfessionalismA
  • Category: Heating & A/C
  • Services Performed: Yes
  • Cost: $600
  • Work Completed Date: 12/02/2016
  • Hire Again: Yes

Will always recommend them to others - Angie's List Review

Zoning estimate came in as expected - about the same as it was when originally during the building process. The estimate for the bonus room addition came in quite a bit higher than we expected but they did divide this out for us as we requested knowing we wanted to possibly do this on our own. The owner, Rob, joined Matt, to go through the system with me (again) because I couldn't remember everything I was supposed to do throughout the year and to ensure the filter was cleaned appropriately. Rob showed me step by step how to clean something on the furnace which I thought was very nice of him. They also adjusted the two hot water heaters to ensure they were at the correct settings. Both of them checked the humidifier to ensure it was running correctly, and the same goes for every thing that we had installed with the geo system. They were very friendly, nice, and didn't mind going through everything, yet again, with me. I have always been impressed with how efficient they have been on checking everything, answering questions and ensuring our needs have been met. I will always recommend them to others and will return to them over and over again. 

Description of work:

Installed geothermal system approx. 1 yr ago. Came to give an estimate for zoning, an estimate for heating/cooling into a bonus room, and to check out the system in general to ensure everything was running as it should be. 

  • OverallA
  • PriceA
  • QualityA
  • ResponsivenessA
  • PunctualityA
  • ProfessionalismA
  • Category: Heating & A/C
  • Services Performed: Yes
  • Cost: $32000
  • Work Completed Date: 03/23/2016
  • Hire Again: Yes

Emergency Service, very pleased with service - Angie's List Review

I called about 7:30 am Saturday morning and left a message. Mathew called back about 5 min. later. I told him I had no heat. He said he would contact the technician to see when he could get to my house. Mathew called back to let me know I would be Kevin's next stop. Kevin called to verify that he was on his way. Kevin arrived about 8:30 - 9:00. He determined the problem was low water flow and adjusted it. It took about 1/2 hour. It was covered by the 10 year parts and labor warranty. I was in their computer so I didn't need to show a receipt or warranty for the furnace.

I am very pleased with the service I have received form this company. 
I would recommend this company to anyone who has a geothermal system or is considering one. 
I don't know if they service or install gas or oil furnaces. 

Description of work:

emergency service to a geothermal furnace installed 2 1/2 years ago. warranty

  • OverallA
  • PriceA
  • QualityA
  • ResponsivenessA
  • PunctualityA
  • ProfessionalismA
  • Category: Heating & A/C
  • Services Performed: Yes
  • Work Completed Date: 01/04/2014
  • Hire Again: Yes

Great Work Ethic.

I want to thank all parties involved in the Geothermal project, Dan and Rick digging the trenches in the rain and getting the job done and Dave, Tom and Ryan for treating the duct work and heat pump install like it was their own home. Your crew has a great work ethic. I can not say enough good things about them. Thanks again, I will try to steer some work your way. Dallas B.

Happy happy Mom!

I am, and always have been very sensitive to smell. I first tried out the table top RGF Air Purification system in my 10 year old daughter's room. It is the smallest room in the house and seems to hold the most odor (wet towels, dog, shoes and carpet). Within 24 hours the smell disappeared. An added bonus was that she had a lingering cough that had been with us since the start of school and by the end of the weekend it was gone.

I figured if it worked so quickly on one room, then I just had to purchase the furnace attachment model for the whole house. Within 3 days I was able to remove all of the scented plug-ins from the house as it no longer had any noticeable odor. Happy happy Mom!

Susan M.

The Fresh Smell of a Hockey Locker Room

Saline Varsity Hockey


Hockey locker rooms are notorious for their smell. Saline's room was no different until we installed the RGF Plug in air purification system. In the span of 24 hours our room was odor free. Our coaching staff was amazed how quickly we noticed the difference. This quiet, easy to use system not only removes the odor, but also kills bacteria, viruses and mold spores. The health of our players is a top priority during a long season. It is a comforting feeling knowing the RGF System is keeping the air in our locker room as clean as possible. I would highly recommend the RGF system to anyone storing wet athletic gear.

Thanks again, it really works well, so well you forget what the old hockey smell was like!

Drew Denzin
Head Coach
Saline Hockey

Professionalism & Teamwork

First, I want to commend your entire staff for the professionalism displayed though out this job. Everyone, from Rob in Sales, Dan's loop crew, Matt's crew, Brandon's electricians John and Ray, and your office staff, display awesome teamwork and great professionalism. It was a true pleasure to interact with each of them and see the teamwork. I work in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and served in the military, so I know teamwork and professionalism when I see it, Your staff is outstanding! Keep up the good work!

I feel my family received everything promised by Michigan Energy Services and you've earned your payment. You all made an expensive project well worth our time and money. I look forward to a comfortable home in the years to come. Thank you so much for fulfilling your side of the contract, especially considering the positive attitude displayed by your crews and staff.

Lee B.

Closed Loop Conversion

Dear Tim,

Your company completed the conversion of our geothermal system to a closed-loop system over the last week (October 1-3). Dan and Rick (plus some impressive machinery) did the excavating and piping, and Kevin did the final hookup and testing. I wanted to thank you and especially them for doing a great job. They worked extremely well together, and took care to do minimal damage to the yard, which was difficult due to tight restrictions of room to maneuver around our trees. They were careful to leave the house neat when they left. They were all very friendly and helpful - and as always, it was a pleasure to have Kevin around. We really appreciate the skill, courtesy, and hard work from these three guys, they are a definite credit to your company.

Thank You,

Steve O.

Polite & Professional

I just wanted to let you guys know that Kevin did an excellent job on the humidifier and supply line repair yesterday!

He is always polite and professional and takes the time to answer my questions about the system. The work looks great with nice straight runs on the water and electrical lines. I like how he has every detail thought out and knows exactly what needs to be done.


Tom D.

Fixing other's problems

I wanted to just say thank you for all the help you gave me on the geothermal unit on our house.

After 10 years of frustration, and I mean frustration, your company came out finally figured out the problem, and I cant say how much I appreciate what your company has done for me.

After 10 years of nothing but problems and excessive bills, finally it's working properly.

Thank you again,

Alan R.
West Bloomfield, MI

Grosse Pointe Park Residents Convert To Solar/Geothermal Energy

Have you been thinking of “going green”, but just don’t know where to start? Well, Park residents Marcy Chanteaux and William Stine have done the ultimate in “going green”. William is a retired professor of philosophy from Wayne State and Marcy is the Assistant Principal Cellist with the DSO. William has lived in the Park for 35 years and Marcy has lived here for 27. They married in 1986 and plan on being in their current home for many years to come. They had been thinking of ways to go green for years and decided to attend the Home & Garden Show in Auburn Hills last year to see if there would be any information on solar and geothermal energy. To their surprise there was and they proceeded to learn about it from Michigan Energy Services and a company called “Astrum Solar”. Long story short, last August they ended up installing solar panels on their roof and replacing their furnace and air conditioner with geothermal energy!

The conversion to “green” energy was not exactly cheap, but through an incentive program with DTE, William and Marcy were able to save considerably on the project and should recoup the full amount within 6-7 years. In fact, they have already saved on their energy bills this past winter and the summer should get even better. From October through December William and Marcy’s DTE bills were actually credits not bills and in January and February their bills were half of what they were the previous year.

You’re probably wondering how all this works. The success of the solar panels depends on the available roof space for panels, the home’s orientation (roofs facing south, south/west offer the most potential), and whether or not there are trees shading the roof. (See photo to right.) When the sun shines, the electricity travels from the panels through wires which connect to an inverter. The inverter then converts the electricity into your home’s electrical panel. At night, when the panels are not generating electricity, you continue to get electricity from DTE, but during the day the solar panels generally produce more power than you consume, which then flows into the DTE utility grid for the community and, in return, generates a credit for you.

The geothermal technology is a bit more complicated. Six 150 ft. vertical wells were dug in William and Marcy’s front yard where vertical loops were installed. Heat from the earth is absorbed by the loop system and carried into the home where the geothermal furnace compresses it to a higher temperature to warm the home. In the summer, the process is reversed. The warmth of the air in the home is absorbed by the geothermal furnace and deposited into the cooler earth through the loop system. The result is a cool, dehumidified home (and no more noisy air conditioner running in the backyard).

The system was costly and took a month and a half to install, but the advantages are many. It is safe, clean, efficient, reliable and totally “green”. William and Marcy have made a huge contribution to the environment (and their energy bill savings). They are anxious to see just how much they will continue to save each year. For more information on geothermal heating and cooling systems, check out the Michigan Energy Services website.

Projections Right On

Hello Brandon,

First year with the GEO system completed and the estimates you made were pretty good. Thought you may be interested in the data for your own reference.

Est. Energy = 14548 KWH $ 1054.00
Actual = 16557 KWH $ 1171.35
% Diff = + 13.8% + 11.3%

The estimate you provided did not include the steam humidifier and it was probably an above average cold season. This year is looking like I will be under your estimate - the winter was pretty mild so far...

Gary V.

Exceeded Expectations

Today was the final installation of our Geothermal unit for our home. We just wanted to say that this experience with your company could not have gone any better. From the time your salesman met with us to the final handshake goodbye to the installers, we just couldn't be happier. Everyone was very conscientious of keeping our home clean during installation and the attention to detail far exceeded our expectations. We have so many inquires about the system and who did the work. We are definitely spreading the word about Michigan Energy Services and the people who did the work for us. Once again, we are so happy we chose you for our Geothermal heating and cooling system. Thank you so much!

Dan & Sherri Smarch

Wonderful Staff!

First of all, thank you! Your staff was wonderful, polite, and did an incredible job at our home last week. We were thoroughly impressed and will let everyone we know about the wonderful work you do.

Please send everyone on your team our thanks and gratitude. We never expected the project to go as smooth as it did, and the crew you had out here were truly great guys. Each gentleman out here was friendly, knowledgable, worked non-stop, and we appreciate their professionalism. The two that were here indoors on Thursday actually stayed over a bit to replace and upgrade the thermostat when I mentioned it beeped lightly when it engaged and was waking me up (it's right by my side of the bed!). That was awesome of them.

Great Job

Brandon, I just wanted to express my gratitude and thanks for the great job that the Michigan Energy Team provided at our home during the replacement of the original Natural Gas Furnace/AC System with your Hydron Geothermal System. All of the workers were very professional, pleasant to work with, and their interface with my wife, myself and our (2) dogs.

John and the ground digging effort went unbelievably well, irrigation system was repaired during the major digging process and tested at the end of final grading. The workers were very knowledgeable of equipment operation as well as setting up the closed loop system and the interconnect to the furnace system. Eric handled the electrical system extremely well and is very talented at his ability to set up dual transfer switches to exisitng generator and overall wiring set up for the entire system. The team handled the removal of AC and furnace system along with all of the items associated with the old heat/cool system and seemed to make every move count. They installed the new water heater, Hydron system and all the required interfaces necessary for a complete system. Additionally, I have not experienced a contractor that ever completely cleaned up all the trash, sweeps the floor and staircase and other areas associated with the system work location and setup. All I can say is that we are extremely pleased with the team performace and the abilities and performance of the new system. I am not sure if we have ever experienced a heat/cool system that performs so great.

A special thanks to the team for a job well done...

Mike & Theresa Pettegrew, Plymouth MI.

Satisfied Earth Loop Customer

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you very much for sending such a professional crew. John and Brian did an outstanding job. They listened to our concerns and performed the work exactly as they had explained it to us.

Everyone on your team was competent, professional, and enthusiastic about doing what was required (including staying late). They also worked very well with the Porter and Heckman crew.

We are very happy with the quality of the work and I am very pleased we chose Michigan Energy Services to install our loop system.

Thank you again.

B. Musgrave

"Unit purring like a kitten"

Our compliments to your installation crew. Very professional & cleaned up after the job was done. The unit is up & running & "purring like a kitten"


R. Ruth

Retirement made easier


I am approaching retirement, because of the fact that I will be on a fixed income and the uncertain economy, I chose Geothermal from Michigan Energy Services.

We no longer have to cover up with a blanket while watching T.V. at night. Our thermostat is set at 72 degrees and our October heating bill was $38. Thank you Michigan Energy Services.

Ernie Spencer, age 62

No more Propane


We have been pleased to see our monthly heating/cooling and hot water expenses decrease $150 since converting to Geothermal.We no longer have a propane expense. Geo keeps our home at a steady comfortable temperature year round. This is one of the best home investments we have made.

Stefan and Heather Orlando
Family of Five

Do HEPA Filters really work?

March 16, 2009


I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of myself and my mom to you and your great staff at Michigan Energy Services Whitmore Lake Office. You guys have been nothing but great to us and treated us like one of your own. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and we will be sure to send others your way. I would also like you to know that you probably saved my moms life (Alida in Burlington) with the new Honeywell HEPA F500 whole house filtration system you installed in her home. What a great system. Another company had removed her prior air cleaner when she had a geo thermal unit installed in her home a couple month’s prior stating that she could not have it on her unit due to ceiling height. If we would have known then what we know now your company would have put that in to. In the couple month’s time she steadily went down hill fast and was hospitalized for lung infection, breathing problems, and pneumonia. She has bronchial asthma and is allergic to pet dander, pollens, dusts, and many other things. While in the hospital breathing in the filtered air she improved. At that time her doctor recommended that she have the HEPA filter installed in her home. To her surprise I had already contact your company and had it in the works. Michigan Energy Services promptness was greatly appreciated as within 4 days it was installed and running. She is now doing great and absolutely loves the HEPA and her lungs have healed and her breathing is back to normal. She seldom has to dust as the HEPA must get the 99.97% of all particles that it claims it does. Prior she was dusting all the time to try to keep the dust down. I also like the fact that it is very easy to change all three filters, which means a lot to the older folks. I believe that she is now getting the cleanest air possible throughout her entire home with her new HEPA filter.

Thanks Michigan Energy Services.

Kelly Rivard and Alida Baldwin