Hydron Module Geothermal Warranty

10 year - 100% coverage = Total Peace of Mind

Michigan Energy Services is committed to offering our customers the best warranty in the industry. Every installation of a Hydron Module geothermal system comes with complete 10-year warranty on all materials and labor. Unlike most companies that cover only a portion of the labor, called a “labor allowance”, or only cover certain parts internal to the Geothermal Unit, Michigan Energy Services covers the geothermal unit top to bottom for 10 years.

Here is how the warranty works: If you have a problem with the system that is covered under the Manufacturer’s warranty, we will come out and make the necessary repairs at no charge to you, period. It’s that simple.

Option 18 Warranty*

In addition to the strongest 10-year Warranty in the market, the Hydron Module’s compressor and air coil carry an 18 year warranty to the original owner of the system. 

* labor charges will apply after 10 years.

Lifetime Loop Warranty

With all of your indoor equipment covered, the only thing left is your Loop. Only the experience that we have can allow us to offer our customers a standard Lifetime No-Leak Warranty on our buried loop system. All your buried pipe is guaranteed not to leak for as long as the original equipment is installed and connected to the loop. This warranty is transferable to subsequent owners.

We are confident that you will not find a better Warranty on any system, backed by the expertise of our highly trained and skilled workforce at Michigan Energy Services.