Retro Fit Geo vs. Propane

Current scenario: Existing Home
A 2400 sf home with full basement; central air conditioning (SEER 10), propane-fired furnace (90% efficient) and hot water heater; occupied by family of four. 

Proposed upgrade Option #1:  
Hydron Module Revolution 2 Series dual-capacity ground-sourced heat pump with ECM blower connected to a horizontal ground loop; 2-tank hot water system with heat pump desuperheater which provides 50% of your hot water. Includes any required modification to you duct system.

Proposed upgrade Option #2

96% Furnace with ECM blower motor, 14 SEER air conditioning. Includes any required modifications to existing duct system.

Geothermal Upgrade  - 10 Year term, 4.99%

Monthly Payment ($281) - Monthly Energy Saved ($225) = Net Monthly Cost $56

Furnace & A/C Upgrade - 10 Year term, 4.99% 

Monthly Payment ($115) - Monthly Savings ($24) = Net Monthly Cost $91

So as you can see, the Geothermal system upgrade will actually cost you less and even put $35 per month back in your pocket (that’s $8400 over the life expectancy of the geothermal equipment). That will give you lower energy bills, quieter operation, less maintenance, provider a cleaner environment, and last twice as long as the alternative fossil fuel system.


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