Environmental Advantages of Switching to Geothermal Heat and Air

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you know one of the big issues of our time is global warming and environmental protection. If this issue is important to you (and it should be), then you know there are things you can do in your everyday life to reduce your carbon footprint. One of those things is switching to a geothermal heat and air system.

Why make the switch to Geothermal?

Switching to geothermal helps protect the environment by reducing your dependence on fossil fuels like gas or propane. Imagine how good you’ll feel knowing that you’re helping protect the earth while saving hundreds of dollars per year on your energy bill at the same time!

Not only that, but you will feel much more comfortable when you switch to a more efficient way of heating and cooling your home!

Why is geothermal so efficient? Consider these reasons:

•    Geothermal doesn’t use fossil fuels such a coal, gas, or oil
•    Geothermal fields only produce about one-sixth the carbon dioxide that a natural-gas-fueled power plants produce
•    Geothermal doesn’t rely on solar, so it’s available 365 days per year
•    Home buyers are actively seeking eco-friendly features, upping the potential resale value of your home when you add geothermal heat and air
•    No more spending money to fill those large, expensive propane tanks!
•    Geothermal systems can be installed to work with existing furnaces and air conditioners

Picture your family feeling warm and cozy on a cold winter evening knowing that every room in your home is being heated evenly without running up your energy bill. Let Michigan Energy Services give you that peace of mind!

“We just wanted to say that this experience with your company could not have gone any better. From the time your salesman met with us to the final handshake goodbye to the installers, we just couldn't be happier. Everyone was very conscientious of keeping our home clean during installation and the attention to detail far exceeded our expectations. We have so many inquiries about the system and who did the work. We are definitely spreading the word about Michigan Energy Services and the people who did the work for us. Once again, we are so happy we chose you for our Geothermal heating and cooling system. Thank you so much!”

-    Dan and Sheri

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